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2017, March 20th
HR Compensation
Total Compensation

Over the past few years, oil and gas companies have had to shift their priorities to adjust to economic and geopolitical events directly impacting the industry. Unpredictable global price swings that seesaw revenues have led to cost cutting across all departments, putting pressure on their ability to compensate and retain their workforce.  

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2017, March 1st
Total Compensation

The beqom Total Compensation Solution leverages the Microsoft Azure platform to unify all HR (HCM) and Sales (SPM) compensation & performance processes in a single platform. Total Compensation Management on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform is not a migration from an on-premise solution to a private or public cloud. We built the solution from scratch partnering & designing directly with Microsoft Azure, the largest global public Cloud with over 20 global data centers and growing, to deliver a solution optimized for PAAS on the public Cloud and mobile.

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2017, February 23rd
Inspiring Stories
Sales Performance

Sales incentives need to be motivating, easy for the sales employees to understand, and provide the company with a return.  Too often they are boring and uninspired, or complex and potentially misleading.  Making sales incentives engaging needs the right balance of operational vision and financial management – something that is difficult if you are worried about breaking away from a spreadsheet.


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