2018 Compensation and Culture Report

This study set out to uncover gaps, issues and employees' understanding of compensation in America. We found out that US workers don't believe all employees are paid equally, regardless of age, race and gender, and today's workforce demands pay transparency because they believe it will motivate employees to work harder, create a better company and ultimately solve pay gap disparities among age, gender and race.

  • Survey methodology: 17 questions, direct to mobile users via Pollfish
  • Demographics: 1.200 US respondents (18+, employed or self-employed)
  • Purpose: Attitude toward compensation and benefits in the workplace

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Key Findings of the Survey


of U.S. workers would prefer their colleagues know their salary versus details of their sex life (20%).


of U.S. workers believe men get paid more than women at their company.


of U.S. workers believe that most CEOs and top executives of companies today make too much money compared to their employees.


of U.S. workers are comfortable discussing salary and compensation with their manager or supervisor.

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