Intangent is a professional services firm focused on accelerating sales performance by automating manual processes. Intangent solutions drive revenue by improving margins and boosting productivity with transparent and consistent sales processes.

Valantic is a high-end consultancy and implementation partner for digital innovation and transformation projects. The team consists of 600+ consultants in Europe. Valantic solutions focus on compensation management, advanced analytics and business automation.

"beqom’s Total Compensation solution is designed to take full advantage of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to scale, perform, and meet global compliance requirements." Andrea Carl, director, Commercial Communications, Microsoft Corp.

Blueprint Consulting Services is a global consulting firm providing strategic and scalable enterprise-grade solutions that transform businesses and create tangible results.

Lanshore is a reseller, implementer and managed service provider of Sales Performance management solutions.

Finext has managed beqom deployments in the Netherlands and UK.

Smartiks has been involved in many beqom deployments, in Turkey of course but also in North America, Germany and Switzerland.

Polarys has managed succesful global deployments of total compensation management with beqom customers in UK and France.

Sopra has successfully rolled out beqom applications in France and Spain.

Umanis has been partnering with beqom for many years in France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain.

Micropole has succesfully managed numerous beqom deployments in France.