Use beqom sales performance management software to provide your employees with clear direction and understanding of what's expected of them, how that fits with the bigger picture, how they will be rewarded for accomplishing their share and how that's fair compared to internal and external benchmarks.
Improved sales performance is the result of a happier, more motivated and aligned sales force. With beqom's sales performance management software you provide your sales channels with a clear understanding of what's expected from them, a communication of their performance and an explanation of their incentives and commissions.
Leverage beqom's sales performance software to communicate to your sales channels what's expected of them within the perspective of the company direction, how they will be rewarded and recognized for accomplishing their share and where they fit in that bigger picture.
Use beqom's sales performance and compensation software to provide clearly defined and transparent performance and incentive results, keeping your sales channels motivated, aligned and happy.
More time
The efficiency resulting from beqom's sales compensation plaftorm deployment gives you the time to develop incentives that impact your organization's performance and the motivation of your salesforce.

Happiness is the best driver for success. Use beqom's sales performance and incentive management software to drive happiness by allowing you and your team to lead, align and motivate your sales channels. Establish yourself as a great sales leader and stay ahead of the competition. Use beqom to make your people happy.

Deferred compensation
Sales Incentive Compensation Management

Clearly define and communicate how your sales channels will be compensated for their performance. Sales leaders can simulate and make changes to compensation plans in order to keep their people motivated and aligned with the company strategy.

Sales Performance Management

Use beqom to manage the sales performance of your employees and partners. Sales leaders and their teams can work together through a collaborative goal setting process providing your salesforce a clear and transparent view of what is expected of them and how their performance is linked to their compensation, rewards and recognition.

Salary Review
Quota and Territory Management

Use beqom's sales performance management software to define and manage your quota and territory definitions in alignment with the direction of your organization.  Sales leaders can clearly communicate objectives across territories so sales reps understand what is expected of them and how that fits with the direction of the organization, creating an aligned and motivated salesforce.

Bonus management
Partner Relationship Management

Keep your external sales channels motivated and aligned by providing a clear and transparent view of their performance and incentives. Sales channel simulation enables sales channels managers and partners to optimize their performance and subsequently their commissions and rewards.