Bringing Clarity to Compensation Plans to Improve Insurance Sales Productivity

Experts in social and investment protection in France, AG2R LA MONDIALE protects 15 million customers as well as 1 in 4 French companies. AG2R LA MONDIALE combines strength and adaptability to provide basic protection and support the well-being of its customers. Facing ever more restrictive regulations and prudential rules, the company has succeeded in today’s constantly changing and competitive environment by making the right choices and through successive strategic partnerships to ultimately benefit its customers.

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11,000 Employees 
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285 Locations
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€ 319 Million Total Revenue
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15 Million Policy Holders

Getting the Sales Force to Focus on Customers, Not on Compensation

Faced with motivation and absenteeism issues in their sales team, AG2R LA MONDIALE was looking for a solution that would improve the perceived remuneration conditions. The firm needed their commercial teams to avoid worrying about understanding their compensation plans, and to focus exclusively on customers. In line with the company's digital transformation of its processes, a decision was taken to replace their previous in-house developed variable compensation tool with a best-in-class solution. The new system needed to demonstrate transparency and clarity of compensation plans, while being flexible and easy to change. AG2R LA MONDIALE also had a strict implementation timeline requiring the new solution to go live in six months following the selection.



Digital Transformation of the Variable Compensation Process

AG2R LA MONDIALE selected beqom's Total Compensation Management software for its ability to manage all of the functional scope with all the required complexity. Today, the sales compensation process is automated and managed from planning through calculation, approvals, and communication. The organization has the ability to integrate data from multiple sources, process commission calculation rules for its direct and indirect networks, and adjust and validate calculated commissions as needed.  The commercial team can view their variable compensation on demand and see how it was calculated. 



Trust Restored with Accuracy and Transparency

The rapid implementation timeframe meant that AG2R LA MONDIALE could quickly benefit from using beqom’s Sales Performance Management solution. It has overcome several challenges that have led to :

  • Improved sales productivity and greater focus on customers.
  • A gain in trust from the sales team, as they understand how their performance is linked with their compensation.
  • Improved communication and compensation transparency across the organization.
  • Reduced disputes related to sales compensation.

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