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beqom Accelerates Success in New Regions and With New Customers Through Co-Selling With Microsoft

Here at beqom, we’ve had a long history of collaborating with Microsoft. Recently beqom COO, Stephan Pohl, took some time to sit down and discuss this relationship that goes back to 2009 when beqom was selling on-premise solutions.

“When we first started, we knew that it was important to work closely together with Microsoft because it would increase awareness of our business and give us much better access to larger accounts,” said Stephan Pohl, COO at beqom.

The first joint successes that Swiss-headquartered beqom achieved with Microsoft were in the telecommunications industry. “One larger deal that we won jointly in the very beginning was Turkcell, one of the largest telco operators in Turkey,” Stephan continued. “It was a big sales performance management project for over 30,000 dealers in Turkey, and the lead came through a Microsoft account manager who had heard about us. We provided solution expertise with our presales experts and executive support from our side, whilst the account was managed by Microsoft in Turkey. After this, we were able to attract Vodafone, Swisscom, Telecom Italia, and other big players in this industry together, hand-in-hand with Microsoft in these accounts.”

Besides the benefits of co-selling with Microsoft, beqom is also a technological partner, taking advantage of Microsoft Azure to strengthen our Total Compensation Solution—to scale, perform and meet the security, compliance, and data residency requirements of our global customers.

This partnership enables us to continue to develop our unified solution, knowing that Microsoft has committed to continuing to expand our technological capability. Moving away from a traditional vendor relationship, Microsoft has focused on addressing the real-world needs of its customers—architecting for hybrid consistency, developer productivity, AI capabilities, and trusted security compliance. All of this centers around creating additional value for the customer.

Head over to the Microsoft MPN website to read the full article.

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Image source: Courtesy of Microsoft

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