As a global IT company, Microsoft competes in a highly dynamic industry where survival depends on being able to change sales strategies quickly to adapt to evolving market conditions.

Faced with this more competitive, fast-paced marketplace, Microsoft transitioned their corporate strategy away from that of an on-premise business to a cloud business. In order to allow the sellers to focus on the cloud business, they had to incentivize them in a manner that would support this focus.  

The best way to redirect the actions of a sales force is to retool incentive plans to reward the behaviors needed to deliver on the strategy of the day. But that is easier said than done when you have 30,000 Sales and Services personnel worldwide, operating in 100 countries, with hundreds of different sales plans. Microsoft’s old legacy system—built over a 15–year period—was no longer scalable for growing data volumes and tighter cycle timeframes. In such a disruptive space they needed to be extraordinarily agile, taking concept all the way through to a live plan in a much faster timeline.

Creating incentive compensation plans that are relevant for the business worldwide, across a portfolio of products, is a very tall order. Find out how beqom helps Microsoft to do this at scale, with quality and accuracy in the following video: