Next-generational tools are making it easier for businesses to hire and retain salespeople and motivate sales teams. Fabio Ronga, CEO of beqom, spoke to Selling Power on how companies can harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to find sales talent and solve one of the greatest challenges to sales: motivation. 

The article describes how companies can use AI in a number of innovative ways to advance their business, and how their sales managers can take advantage of the power of AI to create, keep, and incentivize teams to close the sale. 

It includes: 

  • Earn their trust — To recruit and retain top talent, you need to make sure employees know they’re fairly compensated for their work. Sales managers can take advantage of AI-driven data to benchmark compensation, identify flight-risk employees, and personalize bonuses and rewards based on an individual’s key motivators.
  • Eliminate unconscious bias — It’s holding back companies, preventing them from seeing and rewarding their most talented people. Using AI, sales managers can create fair and accurate compensation strategies based on education, experience, certifications, and more.
  • Boost engagement — Motivation and engagement through incentivization is of vital importance to retain the sales talent that managers have worked so hard to win. By applying AI-driven tools to the workplace, you can provide transparency to understand how their work is compensated, that will motivate them to boost performance and solidify their loyalty to the company.

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