It’s no secret that the most successful corporate leaders are the ones that love to read. In amongst running a business, the best executives find time to continue their education, reading a wealth of material—and sharing their experiences with others. 

beqom CEO, Fabio Ronga, gave his advice to Inc. magazine to what book he would recommend taking the time to read, and it’s one that’s transformed the direction of beqom.

The beqom Mission

beqom’s mission—to make all the people of the world’s largest enterprises happy—is no mean feat, but Simon Sinek’s, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, goes a long way in helping to identify beqom’s “Why.”

Employee happiness is the best driver for success, but happiness doesn’t come from paying your employees more comes from making sure they understand:

    The company direction
    The link between their individual goals and the overall company strategy
    How they are rewarded and recognized for achieving those goals and if it is fair

This book helped align not only Fabio’s personal goals but also those of the company.

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