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2 min read

beqom Accredited by Cercle Magellan for It's Compensation Solution

Cercle Magellan, the prestigious international HR networking group, has awarded beqom the Cercle...

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6 min read

8 Steps to Sustainable Pay Equity & Top Performance: Part 2, Align Processes and Policies

In the first blog of this two-part series, we looked at the importance of pay equity and the...

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5 min read

8 Steps to Sustainable Pay Equity & Top Performance: Part 1, Analyze and Plan

Establishing pay equity within a company goes beyond merely setting a pay scale and generating...

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8 min read

A Sustainable Approach to Managing Corporate Culture in Financial Services

Most banks today realize that maintaining a healthy corporate culture is a crucial element in...

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4 min read

Removing the Roadblocks to a High-Performance Culture

A high-performing organizational culture is one of the keys to success. As Peter Drucker has said,...

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4 min read

Five Benefits of Applying People Analytics to Compensation

People analytics experts are finding new ways to use data to make better decisions within the Human...

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4 min read

Advancing DEIB Goals Through Fair and Equitable Compensation Management

Encouraging diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) is a critical imperative for...

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3 min read

In Compensation Management, One Simple Human Error Can Cost Your Business Millions

Did you hear about the Chilean worker who was paid more than 300 times his normal salary because of...

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At beqom, we're on a mission to make your people happy. We believe that employee happiness is key to driving company success. We are committed to helping employees better understand their company's direction, the link between their individual goals and the overall company strategy, and how they're rewarded and recognized for their contributions — and if it’s fair.