valantic is a high-end consultancy and implementation partner for digital innovation and transformation projects.

valantic's solutions are fully aligned with beqom’s approach to make their customers happy, and focus on compensation management, advanced analytics and business automation. beqom offers the opportunity to serve their customers with a single comprehensive Total Compensation Management platform instead of multiple separate solutions.

With a team of experienced consultants, they serve organizations across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, UK and US.

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Why partner with beqom?

beqom provides the only fully SaaS Total Compensation solution that manages the entire spectrum of cash and non-cash compensation requirements of large, complex and demanding organizations.

Our customers execute sophisticated global compensation strategies across multiple geographies, business lines and for a wide variety of employee profiles, while complying with diverse international rules and markets and adapting to changes quickly and easily.

Our partners choose beqom because they want to provide their customers with the most comprehensive Total Compensation solution that best fits their specific needs.

Thus, compensation & benefits consulting firms that partner with beqom are given the opportunity to carry out strategic projects on a wide scale and help their customers achieve their corporate goals, with the best possible Total Compensation strategy.

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