Next-Generation Performance Management

Unlock the true potential of your workforce through feedback, self-awareness, and a culture that supports continuous self-directed development.

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Next-Generation Performance Management | Reea Sene | beqom|

Reea Séné, beqom Product Manager

The State of the Employee Experience


believe that within a team, feedback can boost collaboration and productivity


believe that receiving feedback can help them build self-awareness


believe that self-awareness is the key to being a good leader


believe good feedback can be more effective for their development than other training or learning courses

Transform dull processes into engaging experiences

beqom-laptop-2022-OurTandemPrepare for a new people-focused era of performance management with a platform that is human-centric, easy to use, and measurable every step of the way. Transform performance management from a process to an experience.

beqom Continuous Performance Management (CPM) provides a fresh approach with an holistic performance management platform.

Develop leaders into coaches — give managers the feedback, data, and guidance needed to drive coaching actions and sustainable habits.
Drive employee-owned development — establish ownership and accountability in both the employee and manager journeys.

Build a human-centric experience with an agile, simple-to-use platform that includes crowdsourced feedback, check-ins, goal setting, 360 and pulse surveys, and much more.

Transform your business into a high performance culture with beqom CPM.
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Key Features

Accelerate a continuous feedback culture with our industry-leading performance management platform.

Create a Rich Feedback Culture

Create a Rich Feedback Culture

The pioneering feature of the solution. Your employees can request and give feedback to their peers during their daily workflow, unlocking insights that inspire growth and development.

Building Coaching Capabilities

Building Coaching Capabilities

Personalized reports for employees and managers show employee contribution, strengths, and developmental opportunities. Managers are guided through the coaching process.

Continuous Performance

Continuous Performance 

Making it easy for HR to help managers to drive their peoples’ performance. HR can mass assign regular or performance check-ins between a manager and their team.

360 reviews

360 reviews

Create personalized 360 surveys to facilitate your people having access to a growth report that highlights their individual strengths and development gaps.

Check-Ins and Goals

Check-Ins and Goals

Managers and employees can track 1-to-1 conversations, along with their actions and outcomes, staying connected to progress and goals. Agile goal setting enables employees to create and update goals at any time.

Insightful Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Real-time reporting and analysis provide both an overview and an in-depth look at your organization, examining your culture through a new lens and providing actionable, data-driven insights.

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