Join beqom, Benify, and NGA in Stockholm to discuss, share insights and give tips on how payroll, benefits, and rewards contribute to employee engagement.

These three world-leading organizations in HR join forces to bring you this unique event in Sweden.

Employee engagement has been a hot topic in HR circles for the past couple of decades, and for a good reason – without engagement, employee productivity and satisfaction decreases and companies run the risk of losing their talent to the competition.

So, how satisfied and engaged are your employees with their current offering? How does payroll, benefits, and rewards affect employee engagement? How efficient are your payment, rewards, and benefits processes?

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9:30 Welcome Coffee
10:00 Start Keynote presentation – The perfect balance of pay, rewards and benefits
10:45 The Payroll Experience – Pay slip to be or not to be? by NGA Human Resources
11:30 Coffee break
11:45 Employee Engagement and Benefits by Benify
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Employee Engagement: starts with visibility, transparency, and planning by beqom
14:15  Closure and networking drinks



Benify, Banérgatan 16, 11513 Stockholm, Sweden

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