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The compensation solution for Financial Services

Benefit from a decade of experience in compensation management for financial services

We took our years of proven experience in designing and implementing compensation management technology for Fortune 500 financial services clients and developed a solution designed to handle the dynamic and sophisticated compensation processes of financial services organizations.

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reduction in spreadsheets used for compensation tracking and management
elimination of IT and travel costs for IT support, infrastructure, consulting, and comp reviews
costs saved by corrections of rounding errors in formulas
drop in need for HR support by enabling employee and manager self-service

Complex budgeting & org management

  • Salary / bonus pool budget allocation
  • Multi-matrix hierarchies and security setup
  • Compensation accrual management
  • Sophisticated rule-based controls and alerts

Empowering managers and employees

  • Manager self-service (team and individual views)
  • Employee self-service and elections
  • Individual compensation planning for more personalized rewards 
  • Total Rewards dashboards, individual grant and vesting statements, communication sheets

Designed to handle financial services complexities

  • Cash and equity mixed plans
  • Upfront and deferred compensation administration
  • Carried interest and deferred bonus
  • Vesting schedule management with malus, clawbacks, and risk adjustment rules
  • Multi-currency comp planning & multiple FX rates management

Corporate performance and governance

  • Identify employees with specific risk profiles
  • Define Risk Metrics that need supervision and review
  • Ensure employee manager dialog with proper workflow to drive behavior and increase engagement continuously
  • Leverage ongoing reviews to drive year end performance process 

Compliance, security, and reduced risk

  • Audit tracking
  • Compensation committee reporting
  • Regulatory identification and compensation management

Analytics and intelligent decision support

  • Board level dashboard on performance, compensation and pay equity reporting
  • Market data matching and benchmarking with peer groups for internal and external employee positioning
  • Pay equity analysis with adjusted pay gap
  • Intelligent recommendation engine 

Why trust your strategic process to anything but the best?

beqom is used by leading FS companies worldwide across all sizes and sectors, including Investment Banking, Retail Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management, Wealth Management, Private Equity, Fintech, and other FS activities.

beqom provides you with:

  • Best practices.
    FS comp best practices packaged in one easy-to-use and easy-to-set-up solution.
  • Transparency.
    True compensation transparency thanks to one centralized solution.
  • Flexibility.
    A flexible and agile environment to change with the times.
  • Security.
    A platform that follows the latest GDPR, SOC, and ISO regulations to ensure data security and privacy.
  • Auditability.
    Built-in compensation audit tracking and reporting for internal and external governance.
  • Fair pay.
    Rule-based, automated, recommendation engine removing unconscious bias in comp decisions.
  • Cost control.
    Visibility, consistency, and analysis to ensure compensation cost-effectiveness.
  • Compliance.
    Traceable and transparent processes and approvals, supporting audits and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Automation.
    Digitally automated processes that ensure accuracy, speed, and efficiency.
  • Centralization of data.
    beqom integrates natively with the systems that tie to compensation management, such as HRIS, ERP, CRM, and Finance systems.
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