Master Class at PARC:
Why Organisations Fail

June 3, 2020

London, UK

Do We Know The Signs and Can We Read Them?

Why do companies fail? What makes a successful business go from hero to zero, often in just a short time? We know that businesses disappear as their business models become no longer relevant – it's part of the natural process of renewal and innovation. Yet we still get surprised by the speed at which some outwardly successful businesses suddenly collapse. A quarter of a century’s corporate governance reform seems to have made little difference. The shock of corporate catastrophes like Thomas Cook, Patisserie Valerie and Carillion still make headlines.

This Performance and Reward Centre (PARC) conference aims to:

  • Provide a warning as to what happens when important management disciplines are not followed.
  • Help people to recognize early warning signs and anticipate threats to the business before they become critical.
  • Create an opportunity for us to learn and benefit from the mistakes of others.

Companies that last know the importance of human capital. beqom will be exhibiting and hosting a pre-conference master class on "Rewards Strategies in a Company that Lasts," designed to help your company be a business that thrives for the long term.

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