Competing for Talent Using Flexible Compensation Plans

Randstad is a global leader in the HR services industry. By combining their passion for people with the power of today’s intelligent machines, the group supports people and organizations to realize their true potential. Randstad’s strategy consists of four building blocks: strong concepts, best people, excellent execution, and superior brands. 

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38,820 employees 
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2,827+ branches
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€ 23.8B total revenue
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670,900 candidates working

Attracting talent in a competitive market

Growth, diversification and the rising complexity of Randstad’s businesses demanded more flexibility, creativity and transparency in their compensation and benefits strategy. They needed to attract talent in an increasingly competitive and dynamic labor market. A “one-size-fits-all” compensation model would not suffice. Randstad Germany sought a standardized platform that would be easy to use and administer, yet flexible enough to accommodate diverse compensation models and special cases, handle complex hierarchies and matrix structures, and allow easy adjustments to react quickly to changes in the market. It also had to support demands for transparency, fairness, and the timely reporting and analytics required by many stakeholders, from employees to managers to works councils.



Using bonus plans to drive results

Randstad selected beqom’s Total Compensation Management software to manage their various KPI-driven bonus processes, such as quarterly and annual team bonuses and individual bonus plans. The project was implemented quickly with high user acceptance and limited risks. The budget pool is determined based on profit and other weighted factors. Then the budget is allocated down through the organization and each manager can distribute their pool to their employees, according to performance criteria and manager discretion.



Efficiency, accuracy, transparency

As a result, Randstad:

  • Automated a complex process, saving time, enforcing consistent rules, and increasing accuracy.
  • Provided employees with transparency, and a self-service way to see how their bonus is calculated.
  • Can handle multiple complex bonus plans and cycles using the same staff, and make adjustments as needed.
  • Has a future-proof solution that can handle further automation such as annual salary review.


In Their Own Words

See what Randstad has to say about beqom

“beqom impressed us with their ability to quickly understand our processes and the inherent complexity. Working with beqom was not only about implementing a compensation and benefits IT platform solution on time, on budget and according to our requirements. It was about Customer Success—our success—as a paramount goal.”

— Andreas Bolder, Director Group Human Resources at Randstad

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