beqom for Finance

beqom provides integrated total compensation planning and analytics capabilities for finance.

beqom’s holistic approach to managing compensation provides relevant financial insights, reduces risk, warrants compliance with regulatory standards, and ensures transparency, competitiveness, and fair-pay for your diverse workforce.

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How does beqom solve your challenges in finance?

Marry plan complexity and government oversight with compensation management. beqom provides finance, HR and sales the capability to plan, budget, forecast, and accrue in a single cloud-based application. We support your needs while improving efficiency and reducing costs spent on process administration.

beqom enables you to scale up your compensation plans to the executive level of your organization for LTIs, deferrals, clawbacks, and carried interest. All of these processes are managed with full compliance and traceability for different regulations such as SOXX, CRDIV, and SEC.

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“With beqom’s solution, we can comply with federal and international banking regulations. As a financial institution, all the data we manage—including HR information— is highly sensitive and confidential. beqom’s Total Compensation, which runs on Azure, passed the very robust evaluation process by our IT security employees.”

Large global bank

Trusted by Global Financial Institutions

What you can do What you get
Accruals cost vs. budget A clear link between strategy, performance, and compensation
Planning & modeling Reduced risk by ensuring compensation fairness, competitiveness, and transparency internally & externally
Pay competitiveness Audit & compliance controls
Pay fairness & equality analysis  Leverage internal and external benchmark data to improve pay fairness and equality
Audit reporting  Fully transparent and auditable compensation process reports for HR and Finance

Bespoke solution for your compensation management:

Lots of flexibility to fit your organisation structure and processes.


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