Quota Management

Sales Performance Management

Use beqom to automate top down and bottom up objectives and targets in an efficient and controlled way.

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Assist your sales reps, executives and managers, at each level in the organization, to efficiently plan, manage, and distribute quota assignments to help meet revenue expectations and align to expected sales performance.

Quota Management

beqom allows you to set rule-based quotas at any level of organization or dimension. Targets, objectives, and quotas can be allocated or pushed top-down, input, consolidated or aggregated bottom-up and reconciled. The target setting process can be subject to workflow-based approval. Targets can be imported, calculated, allocated, spread or input manually.

Take advantage of the built-in machine learning (ML) based artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of the beqom solution to further optimize quota assignments, using predicted performance outcomes and associated drivers.

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Using beqom for quota management helps you:

  • Cascade top down sales targets by rules or manually.
  • Adjust targets from the bottom up.
  • Apply ML-based AI to optimize quota assignment.
  • Simulate quota achievement payouts across multiple levels.
  • Track real time quota performance and related earnings.
  • Audit quota changes and adjustments.
  • Import objectives and quotas from other systems.

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Success Stories

Clear Channel

Clear Channel

Find out how Clear Channel managed its sales commission plans with beqom Sales Performance Management solution.

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Increased efficiency in compensation plans, making it easier and quicker to modify incentive plans when needed.

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“Using beqom, Orange has reduced reseller partner claims by 90% significantly improving, relations between Orange and its reseller network.”

Eric Jacquinet, Head of Compensation & Benefits for Orange Partner Network