Sales Performance Management

Enable modeling, simulation, and analysis of incentive plan strategies and expected results for influencing selling behaviors.


Evaluate the impact of your compensation strategy and determine its effectiveness by simulating changes in compensation plans, hierarchies, rates and rules without any risk. Model different scenarios, populations or AI-driven performance outcomes against your compensation plan to understand its impact and effectiveness.

The beqom Sales Performance Management (SPM) cloud platform lets you model, monitor and forecast—helping you understand which incentive plans are the most effective. Simulation with beqom helps you mitigate risk and control your compensation budget prior to roll-out. beqom’s simulation capabilities helps you gain confidence that your compensation strategy will actually yield the expected results.


Compensation plan designers, sales ops and sales reps can model incentive plan scenarios to evaluate their effectiveness at the organization level or at the level of individual potential earnings. All of these simulation functionalities are in the hands of compensation administrators—relieving your IT managers of any additional burden or assistance.

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Using beqom for simulation helps you:

  • Define and simulate across all plan components.
  • Rule-engine powered AI to optimize plan definitions and outcomes.
  • Apply multiple payout types per incentive plan design.
  • Optimize territory and quota setting to performance potential.
  • Model and analyze compensation strategies to better understand which drivers effectively yield expected results.

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Success Stories


CNH Industrial

Centralized global control and governance over all HR and sales performance management processes resulting increased revenue and forecast accuracy.

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Discover how Turkcell helps its dealer network and sales teams to better sell, faster, with beqom's Sales Performance Management solution.

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“beqom was the only provider that could meet our compensation needs. We needed a single, integrated compensation management system deployed globally, that enables us to centralize out compensation processes whilst still maintaining flexibility at the local level.”

Robert Gerdes, Vice President of Compensation and Benefits at CNHi