Compensation is our language.

beqom training

Our experience in compensation and sales, HR, global rewards and operations means that when we deliver training we do it in your language. We can provide the training you and your users need through a variety of training channels.

Our self-service online training allows you to fit your learning around your schedule. If you’d prefer instructor-led training, no problem. We can also provide bespoke training if that is what you want.

How can we help you reach fluency?

We know how important training is to your compensation transformation – it is an essential part of change management. Whether you’re an operations manager, HR professional, or a compensation and benefits specialist we can provide you with all the support you require to reach mastery with your beqom platform and become a certified beqom functional administrator.

What about your end-users? We can help train your end-users if you’d like us to and would also be happy to provide bespoke training if that’s what you prefer.

Whatever support you want you only need to do one thing - get in touch with our training team, today!

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Our approach to training

We ensure that using beqom is simple and easy, no matter what job or user profile you have. You can begin learning about beqom without any technical knowledge at all - you can even begin to configure the beqom solution without any technical knowledge. Our training is split into three key levels:

Professional Workshops

These workshops are aimed at HR Professionals who have a non-technical background and are not expected to administrate the beqom solution on a day-to-day basis. They can bring value to many attendees, including HRBPs, HR Compensation & Benefit Managers, HR Managers, and owners of company incentive plans such as Operations Managers or Sales Effectiveness Managers based within a sales organization.

Each workshop starts with a general introduction covering the key components of the beqom platform before moving into content determined by the compensation plans that the client wishes to implement. Training can be delivered for all the plans we frequently provide and will be adjusted specifically for each client.

Functional Administration Training

Functional Administration Training is provided for those users who will be required to manage their beqom application on a day-to-day basis.

The role doesn’t necessarily require technical knowledge although we do sometimes see some company employees with deep technical skills taking this training. The functional administration training reviews each of the key beqom application modules one-by-one.

Technical Training (Consultant Level)

Technical training is available on request for groups wanting to understand how to configure the application via the database. Because the configuration of any given compensation process is different to the next, this level of training will typically be run as a bespoke workshop.