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Compensation & Hiring Survival Kit

Free resources to help you use compensation strategically to attract and retain talent

Hiring Tips for Tough Times

The Great Resignation is an opportunity to improve the health of your employer brand and HR Technology. Do more than just survive it.


How to Retain Talent by Being a Good Place to Work

US workers have been quitting their jobs at a record level. Here are some research-based suggestions about what you can do to attract and retain talent.


How to Retain Talent by Using the Right HR Technology

In July of 2021, beqom surveyed 1000 job seekers in the US to understand how the pandemic has impacted employee views of compensation, benefits, and work arrangements. This report reveals what employers need to do to attract top talent in this candidate’s market.

Interactive Assessments

How does your rewards management stack up against your strategy goals? Find out with these quick and easy assessments.


Evaluate Your HCM Platform for Compensation Management

This quick evaluation will help you determine whether or not your HCM system provides robust compensation management for large organizations.


Evaluate the Maturity of Your Rewards

Answer 8 questions to assess your company's maturity level for each aspect of your rewards strategy. At the end, you will get an analysis of your rewards system maturity level.


Assess Your Capabilities for Ensuring Pay Equity 

Making equal pay a reality requires having the systems, tools, and practices that support the needed analysis and remediation. Does your organization have the necessary capabilities to ensure pay equity? Take our short Pay Equity Capability Assessment to find out.

See how others did it

It may not always be easy to take the first step towards transforming your compensation practices, but it's well worth the effort. See how beqom customers have succeeded with their simplified and streamlined compensation systems.


Adecco Customer Success Story

“The beqom solution allows us to operate 100% remotely without any additional cost, loss of performance, or security risk.” Learn more about how Adecco was able to transform its compensation management practices and processes when it started using beqom. 

BNP-Customer Pages

BNP Customer Success Story

"BNP Paribas’ digital transformation goes hand in hand with the strong demand for change in our business culture." See how the bank found success in adopting a unified approach to compensation.

CNHi-Customer Pages-1

CNHi Customer Success Story

"beqom was the only provider that could meet our compensation needs." As CNH Industrial started to rapidly grow, they faced technology and process challenges in how they managed compensation. Inconsistencies and delays led to workforce satisfaction issues.

What is beqom CPM?


beqom Continuous Performance & Rewards

Stay ahead of changing market conditions and give your people their best chance at success with flexible, real-time rewards and performance. beqom provides next-generation technology to manage continuous total rewards in the cloud, built exclusively for enterprises.

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