Analytics and Reporting

Total Compensation

Produce forecast, spend and accrual reports for board levels, HR, and finance teams. Provide total rewards statements to employees.

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Analytics and reporting has become a strong focus for executives that need to keep costs in line with revenue to maintain a healthy, profitable company, while maintaining a pay equity philosophy. beqom’s analytics and reporting capabilities help you transform data into insights by boosting the performance and happiness of your employees with an analytical view over your compensation processes.

This view can only be attained by having the full picture of all factors impacting the compensation of your employees. beqom enables you to select impactful visualizations to represent your data and gain full visibility into employee attributes, performance based compensation, pay fairness, and overall compensation spend.

Analytics and Reporting

beqom’s total compensation management software platform combines all performance, compensation and employee data in one platform enabling you to gain deep insight into which factors drive performance in comparison with internal and external benchmarks... so you can make decisions to implement compensation strategies that are fairly designed and competitive with the market—driving the performance you want out of your employees.

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Using beqom for analytics and reporting helps you:

  • Identify gender pay and pay inequality gaps.
  • Resolve behaviors impacting performance.
  • Measure how compensation policies impact employee behavior and turnover.
  • Assess your employees and plans when benchmarking them against industry leaders.
  • Gauge correlations between performance, competency, and engagement.

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BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas

Manage executive compensation, deferred bonus and equity management processes, all within one integrated platform, ensuring that compensation processes are transparent and compliant with regulatory guidelines.

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Long term incentives for their top executives worldwide—acquiring an aggregated online view of their global compensation and can now run simulation for future cash income.

“You were focused on helping us solve our problems and we never felt like we were being sold.” Your team was always very well prepared, we felt like we were all part of the same team working towards a common goal.”

Justin Pecaut, Compensation Director, JM Family