Individual Compensation Planning


Get top results from your people by bringing a holistic total rewards perspective to each employee with beqom’s Individual Compensation Planner.


Total Rewards for Every Individual

Rewarding employees is about more than allocating a budget. It’s about tailoring a holistic total rewards package for each individual that will bring out the best in them and keep them excited about working for your organization. With the beqom Individual Compensation Planner, part of the beqom Total Compensation platform, managers can see each employee in the context of his or her total rewards, with data, insights, and tools that will help them plan an optimum compensation strategy for each member of their team.

Analytics and Reporting

Unmatched Control Of Personalized Rewards

As part of the beqom Total Compensation platform, the beqom Individual Compensation Planner gives a manager the ability to tailor the total compensation and rewards package for a given employee in a way that aligns the needs of that individual with the goals of the company, driving optimum performance and employee satisfaction. 

This level of control simply does not exist elsewhere, and it helps companies in every industry retain and motivate their top performers.

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Using the beqom Individual Compensation Planner helps managers:


  • Focus on the individual. See a single employee’s compensation elements, history, and profile, then propose a mix of comp elements tailored to that person’s needs.
  • Automate recommendations. Enter a total rewards target number and let the system suggest an allocation across comp elements, then accept or modify it.
  • Make decisions based on data. Have all the details in one place to make fair, effective, and justifiable compensation decisions.
  • Pay more fairly. See how an employee’s compensation compares to performance data and to internal and external industry benchmarks for the role and other factors.
  • Optimize compensation strategies. Simulate and propose both short- and long-term compensation strategies for individuals.
  • Prepare for compensation discussions. Go into conversations with employees fully informed with the data that matters.

Start smart, holistic comp planning now. Empower your managers to design holistic total rewards packages to motivate and retain your employees.

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