Customer Success Package: Premium

Appendix 1 to Order Form

Last Updated: November 2023

Statement of Work

1. Purpose

The purpose of this Statement of Work is to set forth the Professional Services provided to Client by beqom as required for maintaining the Application during the period stated in the relevant Order Form which this Appendix is attached to.

2. Definitions

Capitalised terms used herein are defined in the List of Definitions appendix. Other capitalised terms not defined in the Professional Services Terms shall have the meaning ascribed thereto in the Agreement. 

3. Assumptions

Refer to the Order Form. 

4. Scope

Beqom will perform the Professional Services stated in the Scope Description appendix in accordance with the Professional Services Terms.

5. Out-of-scope

Any items that are not specifically stated in Sections 3 (Assumptions) or 4 (Scope) or in any exhibit or appendix referred to in the Order Form are considered out of scope.

6. Locations

6.1 Remotely. Beqom will provide the Professional Services set out herein remotely with exceptions for necessary meetings with Client resources. 

6.2 On-site. By approving for being onsite the Client project manager accepts to cover for the related travel costs and expenses according to the travel & expense policy referred to in the Order Form. 

6.3 Exceptions and Extensions. Exceptions to this normal operation schedule will be mutually agreed in writing by the Parties. 

7. Fees and expenses

Refer to the Order Form. 

8. Project Resources And Equipment

8.1 Beqom Resources. Beqom project team is comprised of experienced resources and managed by an executive team with experience in enterprise application deployment. Beqom project team will include: 

Beqom Project Team Role Responsibility
Executive Sponsor Support at the corporate level to ensure beqom's highest-level commitment to the success of the project.
Head of Customer Support Executive oversight maintaining overall responsibility for the successful delivery of the support activities globally.
Customer Support Manager Regional management oversight maintaining overall responsibility for the successful delivery of the support activities in the region including general alignment with Client business goals.
Support Engineers Technical oversight, timely response and resolution of incidents or tasks raised by Client. These engineers will be divided in three working groups: Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.

8.2 Client Resources. Beqom will require access to and input from subject matter experts and other team members from Client as applicable. Client Administrators shall be responsible for triaging and raising tickets.

9. Approved subcontractors

Client hereby acknowledges and agrees that beqom may hire the Subcontractors listed in the Order Form for carrying out the Professional Services.

10. Duration

Refer to the Order Form.

11. Change Management

Changes to this Statement of Work will be managed according to a change management process as set out in the Agreement.