Pay Transparency

Comp clarity for all.

Give your people a complete understanding of their compensation and promote a culture of fairness, transparency, and continuous improvement. With interactive, easy-to-use dashboards and statements, give everyone an overview of how and why pay decisions are made, bringing valuable incentives to the workplace.

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beqom features

Comp clarity for everyone.

When employees have clarity around compensation and understand how it relates to their performance, it creates trust, motivation, and purpose. Equip them with the information they need to contribute and grow.


The complete performance and compensation view.

Redefine the way employees perceive and engage with their compensation. Provide the contextual information needed to understand how and why pay decisions are made. And ultimately, promote a culture of fairness, transparency, and continuous improvement.

beqom benefits

It all begins with beqom.


Bring clarity to compensation.

Through transparent compensation, kick-start cultural transformation within your organization, promoting a culture of openness and motivation.


Transparent compensation. Clear expectations.

Give employees a complete view of their compensation, including salary, bonuses, benefits, equity, and beyond. Through clarity, build trust and eliminate uncertainty.


Inspire your people with compensation insights.

When employees can see how their contributions are rewarded, and the link between their performance and compensation, it boosts engagement and motivation.

The beqom difference

We’re trusted by the world's leading organizations.


Raising the bar for total compensation.

Made by experts, our next-gen comp platform is built using the latest AI tech. Lose the constraints of spreadsheets and generalist suites. Gain the freedom to deliver any comp process for a total comp strategy that is fair, compliant, and competitive.

Compensation Management Software
Pay Management

Total compensation without compromise.

Pay Transparency

Clear reward, clear purpose. For every employee.

Pay Equity by PayAnalytics

Put fairness first: close pay gaps for good.

Pay Intelligence

Always pay the optimal amount.

The complete suite

Comp management meets the power of AI.

Our flexible, cost-effective comp management platform easily fits into your company’s existing set-up. Built on the latest AI technology, it enables full self-service for even the largest enterprises. Streamlined administration, a cutting-edge UI, effortless scalability and performance with built-in security: Unlock the future of compensation today.


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