Everything you expect a comp platform to be.

Enterprise-grade compensation management with the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a multi-tenant SaaS platform. Built on the latest AI technology, our state-of-the-art platform enables full self-service for even the largest enterprises. Streamlined administration, a cutting-edge UI, effortless scalability, and performance with built-in security: unlock the future of compensation today.

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beqom features

Productive and happy workplaces start with complete compensation. With beqom, get a whole suite of tools to elevate your compensation and kickstart change.

HRIS Integrations

Maximize your HR suite's potential.

beqom’s dynamic and flexible product pillars fill the strategic gaps in your HR suite. Even if the pay management capabilities are sufficient, beqom adds value. For example, beqom for Workday completes your compensation strategy with complementary modules that ensure fairness and compliance with pay equity, optimal decision-making with pay decisions, and clear and transparent total comp with pay transparency.

Setting the standard in enterprise comp since 2009

See all that AI-powered, state-of-the-art SaaS can become.


Complete your comp management strategy.

Leverage your existing HRIS investment while getting the most out of your comp strategy across the board, without having to rely on Excel.


Streamline your HR processes.

with a no-code, self-service solution that's scalable for the enterprise, purpose-built, and powered by AI.


Get enterprise-grade performance and scalability.

Have confidence in a platform that adapts to growth, complexity, and regulatory changes while maintaining accuracy, security, and compliance.


Raising the bar for total compensation.

Made by experts, our next-gen comp platform is built using the latest AI tech. Lose the constraints of spreadsheets and generalist suites. Gain the freedom to deliver any comp process for a total comp strategy that is fair, compliant, and competitive.

Compensation Management Software
Pay Management

Total compensation without compromise.

Pay Transparency

Clear reward, clear purpose. For every employee.

Pay Equity by PayAnalytics

Put fairness first: close pay gaps for good.

Pay Intelligence

Always pay the optimal amount.

The complete suite

Comp management meets the power of AI.

Our flexible, cost-effective comp management platform easily fits into your company’s existing set-up. Built on the latest AI technology, it enables full self-service for even the largest enterprises. Streamlined administration, a cutting-edge UI, effortless scalability and performance with built-in security: Unlock the future of compensation today.


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