Pay Equity by PayAnalytics

Add precision, clarity and fairness to your pay decisions.

Make pay equity a part of every comp decision: Data-driven. Transparent. Always-on. With data science on your side you can now make clear and accurate pay decisions on a daily basis, helping build a culture founded on fairness.

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beqom Features

Equity at scale requires the right tools. Smart ones.

Achieving fair pay and an equitable workplace in a large enterprise requires not only commitment but the right tools. Arm yourself with the technology and expertise that can make pay equity a reality.

Pay Equity Analysis

Bring equity to your entire organization.

Ensure fairness, equity and diversity by getting a clear view of your company’s pay structures and workforce composition. Easily analyze demographic breakdowns and flag pay equity issues fast.

beqom benefits

The beqom effect


Stop issues in their tracks.

Integrate pay equity, performance, and comp review in the same solution to avoid data issues and provide a seamless user experience.


Optimize your budgets.

Design top-down and bottom-up budgets to create an effective pay equity strategy. See where to focus remediation efforts and close the gaps with optimal cost efficiency.


Bring clarity to decision-making.

Make better pay decisions and enhance compensation planning. Get a complete overview of your salary structure to see compensation trends and flag anomalies.


Any regulation. Complete compliance.

Meet requirements in any country, at any level, including the US, Canada, and Europe. Simply run privileged pay equity analyses without waiving attorney-client privilege.

The beqom difference

Meet our customers.


Raising the bar for total compensation.

Made by experts, our next-gen comp platform is built using the latest AI tech. Lose the constraints of spreadsheets and generalist suites. Gain the freedom to deliver any comp process for a total comp strategy that is fair, compliant, and competitive.

Compensation Management Software
Pay Management

Total compensation without compromise.

Pay Transparency

Clear reward, clear purpose. For every employee.

Pay Equity by PayAnalytics

Put fairness first: close pay gaps for good.

Pay Intelligence

Always pay the optimal amount.

The complete suite

Comp management meets the power of AI.

Our flexible, cost-effective comp management platform easily fits into your company’s existing set-up. Built on the latest AI technology, it enables full self-service for even the largest enterprises. Streamlined administration, a cutting-edge UI, effortless scalability and performance with built-in security: Unlock the future of compensation today.


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