Pay Intelligence

Remove the guesswork with optimized and data-driven pay recommendations.

Get automated pay suggestions that stay true to your company strategy. Our compensation prediction models use advanced machine learning to provide data-driven pay recommendations. Predict pay trends and simulate budget optimization for fair and competitive pay recommendations.


Make smart pay decisions. Automated, at scale.

Smart pay decisions are no accident. They are informed by data, like benchmarks, ranges, budgets, talent objectives, and pay equity goals. The power of machine learning and advanced analytics can put that data to work for you to create optimum pay models and make the best pay decisions.

Pay Predictor

Make precise pay decisions.

With the power of machine learning, our Pay Predictor helps you run any compensation prediction scenario. Produce real-time, on-demand, data-driven pay recommendations to assist HR and managers with merit increases, promotions, mobility, and new hire job pricing. Pair it with our Pay Management solutions for precise, automated pay recommendations, smart pay range generation, and eliminating all guesswork when it comes to decision-making.

beqom benefits

Do it all with beqom

AI precision

Level up your comp design.

Improve accuracy and efficiency with machine learning models for automatic compensation recommendations. Design pay scales and guidelines using data-driven insights, personalization, and real-time updates.

Attract talent

Keep high performers in-house.

With the help of machine learning recommendations, optimize compensation strategy to attract and retain the top talent with targeted and personalized pay packages.

Be known

Elevate your employer brand.

By offering competitive and fair compensation packages, build a positive employer brand reputation and drive business success in a competitive job market.

Reveal truth

Get deep insights into pay.

Get valuable insights from multivariate regression analysis (MRA), measuring linear relationships between compensation packages and employee attributes.

The beqom difference

Meet our customers.


Raising the bar for total compensation.

Made by experts, our next-gen comp platform is built using the latest AI tech. Lose the constraints of spreadsheets and generalist suites. Gain the freedom to deliver any comp process for a total comp strategy that is fair, compliant, and competitive.

Compensation Management Software
Pay Management

Total compensation without compromise.

Pay Transparency

Clear reward, clear purpose. For every employee.

Pay Equity by PayAnalytics

Put fairness first: close pay gaps for good.

Pay Intelligence

Always pay the optimal amount.

The complete suite

Comp management meets the power of AI.

Our flexible, cost-effective comp management platform easily fits into your company’s existing set-up. Built on the latest AI technology, it enables full self-service for even the largest enterprises. Streamlined administration, a cutting-edge UI, effortless scalability and performance with built-in security: Unlock the future of compensation today.


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