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5 min read

Complying With the SEC Pay vs. Performance Disclosure Rules

Pay-for-performance is not just a good idea, since 2022 it’s the law. At least, disclosing how well...

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6 min read

Learn from the Best: 2024 Compensation and Performance Management Top Events

Want to discover what leading companies are doing to deliver world-class reward strategies to their...

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3 min read

Closing Pay Gaps: A Data-Driven Structured Approach

Companies may be going about pay equity all wrong. In a recent article in Harvard Business Review...

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7 min read

5 Steps to Making HR More Strategic, Part II: Measuring Success and Taking Action

Organizations that are using HR strategically have an opportunity to gain a competitive advantage...

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8 min read

5 Steps to Making HR More Strategic, Part I: Creating Value

As any CHRO can tell you, the role of Human Resources (HR) is undergoing a profound transformation....

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3 min read

6 Tips for Setting Employee Goals for the New Year

The new year has arrived and it’s tempting to dream big and plan big as we set goals for the year...

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4 min read

beqom 2023 Highlights

A Year of Growth and Delivering Value to Customers 2023 was a super exciting year for beqom, capped...

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At beqom, we're on a mission to make your people happy. We believe that employee happiness is key to driving company success. We are committed to helping employees better understand their company's direction, the link between their individual goals and the overall company strategy, and how they're rewarded and recognized for their contributions — and if it’s fair.