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Pay Management

Comp that fits your company. Not the other way around.

With beqom's CompComplete solution, easily create and manage any compensation plan without compromise. Our intuitive UI and broad process coverage help you design compensation plans that match your business goals and employee needs.

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Comp that works from the inside out.

To realize the full potential of what comp can be, it needs to be understood by all. beqom makes that happen – giving employers the power to build clear compensation and performance strategies that encourage strong performance and boost it for years to come.

Salary Management

Develop and deliver pay strategies, easily.

Manage on-cycle and off-cycle salary reviews globally while adhering to local guidelines and policies. Budget, benchmark, predict pay, and track all salary processes and associated costs in one place.

beqom benefits

Compensation as it should be.


Build any pay strategy.

Get the freedom to structure and deliver any compensation process.


Adapt to change instantly.

Our data-driven platform means you can make real-time adjustments.


Keep on track.

Built-in compliance gives you confidence in your processes while minimizing risk and maximizing fairness.


Make unbiased decisions.

Make pay equity a part of every compensation decision.

The beqom difference

The world's leading enterprises choose beqom.


Raising the bar for total compensation.

Made by experts, our next-gen comp platform is built using the latest AI tech. Lose the constraints of spreadsheets and generalist suites. Gain the freedom to deliver any comp process for a total comp strategy that is fair, compliant, and competitive.

Pay Management

Total compensation without compromise.

Pay Transparency

Clear reward, clear purpose. For every employee.

Pay Equity by PayAnalytics

Put fairness first: close pay gaps for good.

Pay Intelligence

Always pay the optimal amount.

The complete suite

Comp management meets the power of AI.

Our flexible, cost-effective comp management platform easily fits into your company’s existing set-up. Built on the latest AI technology, it enables full self-service for even the largest enterprises. Streamlined administration, a cutting-edge UI, effortless scalability and performance with built-in security: Unlock the future of compensation today.


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