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Connect your HCM

beqom connects directly into leading HCM suites, saving the suite approach, while optimizing compensation strategy. Secure, integrated, and fully configurable, beqom provides the data quality, compliance, and transparency that you don't get with your core HR platform.

Your employee data, from any source.

Our bidirectional built-in connectors, bring all relevant employee data into beqom, streamlining your HR processes, ensuring transparency, fair pay, and regulatory compliance.

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  • beqom for Workday®
  • beqom for SAP® SuccessFactors®
  • beqom for Oracle®
  • beqom for Salesforce®

beqom for Workday®

Organizations select beqom as a best-of-breed compensation solution to complement their HCM suite. beqom's unified platform covers all aspects of compensation, closing gaps not addressed by HCM suites. beqom for Workday® has built-in bidirectional connectors to streamline HR processes and ensure transparency, fair pay, and compliance.


Success Story

Large global bank

A global bank with over 75,000 employees needed to improve compliance and operational efficiency. To achieve this, the bank sought to replace their bespoke solutions and undertake a global HR transformation project.  They selected Workday® for their core HR needs and beqom for compensation management.  They choose beqom to help them meet their compliance requirements and to drive operational efficiencies. 

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