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eGuide: The Future of Performance Management

In a transformed world of work, the way we evaluate and manage performance is changing. So, where’s next for performance management?

As we guide our leaders and teams into the future, and the employee experience takes center stage, heads of HR globally are asking themselves questions like:

  • How does Performance Management fit into the virtual world of ‘Teams’ and ‘Zoom’?
  • How do we make it a beneficial and comfortable experience for our people and organizations?
  • How do we design a Performance Management practice that is engaging, fair, and fills the need for accountability?


Making changes to Performance Management can be a challenging and risky endeavor. Yet small changes can make a big difference.

Get ahead of the game, and find out where Performance Management is headed. Learn what the performance experts at beqom have to say about exciting new approaches for performance management.

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Sneak peek inside...

In this groundbreaking white paper by HR thought leader Aisling Teillard, you will learn how to equip your managers with new toolkits for real-time rewards to drive performance. Employees will benefit from new practices that are based on not just conversations, but real, genuine rewards built to recognize contribution, differentiate rewards for performance, and appreciate the individual driving that performance.