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How to Adapt Strategy, Motivate Performance, and Optimize Comp Spend through Periods of Change

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Six Compensation Strategy Must-Haves to Successfully Manage Change

As the world around us gets turned upside-down, companies find themselves in uncharted territory, suddenly called to respond and adapt, to meet the changing needs of customers and employees, and to manage impacts on the business. As with any major business disruption, HR departments are at the epicenter of managing the company's response. One core HR function that plays a crucial role in adapting to change is compensation management.

An agile and efficient compensation management strategy is key in helping the company to plan and respond to the situation and to align resources to execute that strategy. To adapt when change occurs, HR teams must include top- and bottom-line concerns, employee morale and retention, and even operational continuity in cases where business activity might be

In this eGuide, we outline six “must-haves”  that will assess the ability of your compensation systems to help your company manage change.

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