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A Guide to the EU Pay Transparency Directive

Sunday, December 3, 2023eGuide

A beqom Pay Equity eGuide

The new EU Pay Transparency Directive was adopted by the European Parliament in March of 2023 and member states are expected to be in compliance by June of 2026. The Directive is designed to close the gender pay gap among EU workers and will require major changes in the way companies structure, communicate, and report on pay. 

We created this concise eGuide to help organizations understand and prepare for the Directive. This resource will help readers understand:

  • What are the new requirements around pay equity and transparency?
  • What is the possible impact on your job architecture?
  • What are the new reporting requirements?
  • What happens if you find a pay gap after adjusting for explanatory factors?
  • How can companies prepare for implementation of the Directive?

The impact on employers will be significant, and individual states will set penalties for non-compliance. But there are benefits to pay equity and transparency as well.

This free eGuide written by our pay equity experts will aid you in understanding and preparing for the Directive, to help you save time, ensure compliance, and create a culture of fairness in your organization.

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