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The best insights are with the right data.

Understand more about your workforce and how to optimize your pay strategies. With complete data and insights you can trust, you can significantly reduce risk, improve performance, and make your people happy.

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Use Case
Building Competitive Pay and Removing Bias in Compensation

Our customer, a global leader in consumer packaged goods, with employees around the world, successfully leveraged Artificial Intelligence to enhance their beqom total compensation management solution. Want to see how they did it? Read the full use case to explore how they were able to optimize their global compensation strategy and bring greater efficiency and fairness to their rewards processes. 

Pay Transparency

Provide complete visibility into how pay is determined and distributed to build trust

  • Employees understand what they are being paid and why
  • Leaders have clarity across their overall comp spend vs budget
  • External and internal benchmark comparison

Pay Equity

Identify and fix pay gaps and proactively focus programs to remedy unfair practices

  • Global overview with local considerations and guideline
  • Measure total compensation across gender, age, and ethnicity, to see where gaps exist
  • Identify people at risk of unexplained pay gaps and prevent future gaps or biased decisions
  • Integrate pay equity remediation into the budgeting and recommendation process

Competitive Pay

Leverage internal and external benchmarks to guarantee competitive pay packages

  • Tight link between market data, individual compensation, and performance data
  • Access to extensive employee attributes for detailed comp analysis and individual positioning
  • Model and simulate comp package adjustments aligned to market data percentiles by job grade

Impact of Performance and Pay Together

Analyze performance metrics alongside employee compensation and market data

  • Create a tighter link between performance outcomes and achievements with rewards strategies and decisions
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the impact performance outcomes has on rewards

Bonus Linked to Performance

Align bonus awards with clearly defined KPIs

  • Align company, team, and individual goals  with bonus plans and payouts
  • Easily adjust or re-align KPIs with changing business needs
  • Optimize costs by aligning bonus payouts to performance achievement results

Simulation & Cost Optimization

Ensure rewards spending is optimized and aligned to business objectives

  • A holistic view of comp budgets, benchmark data, and performance data for transparent views of comp spend distribution
  • Model and adjust comp pay ranges in line with changing market dynamics
  • Ensure comp allocations are aligned with performance objectives

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