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Performance management for a better employee experience

Build high performing teams and a feedback culture by giving employees more control and accountability, and helping leaders be great coaches, aided by generative AI.

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Inspiring employees at the best companies

Performance management that's enjoyable  

Eliminate the busywork and focus on what really matters. Your people. 
Say goodbye to outdated, clunky performance management systems and say hello to a more streamlined, effective way of managing your employees.

Easy to use. Connected flows. Guided coaching.

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Accelerate employee performance through accountability, ownership, and transparency.


Coach your managers into exceptional leaders through embedded micro-learnings, team dashboards, and guided conversations.


Unlock your organization's full potential with boardroom-ready dashboards that tell the entire story of your people and their experiences.

“When using beqom, people have the support they need to drive the right behaviors and we have very rich data to support our experience and engagement.”
Carol Koffman, Head of Performance Management, Standard Bank Group standard-bank
beqom Performance Drivers

Empower your team to reach their full potential

Our easy-to-use platform gives you all the tools you need to help drive performance and engagement; including feedback, check-ins, goal setting, surveys, and 360 Insights.


Unlock valuable insights and inspire growth

  • Employees can request and give feedback to their peers seamlessly during their daily workflow
  • See your company values come to life and share insights on everyday actions
  • 360 Feedback is offered for moments of more structured feedback


Stay connected to goals and progress

  • Feedback can be linked to goals
  • Employees and managers can request feedback on goals
  • Goals can be shared and changed at any time



Streamline performance feedback with ease

  • Bring an engaging experience to your 1:1s for both managers and employees
  • Designed to track conversations, check-ins guide you to take note of actions and outcomes in an easy and friendly manner
  • Follow-up on any 1:1s or check your history to ensure real progress is easily captured

360 Coaching

Give employees an understanding of their personal brand

  • Employees and managers discover strengths and developmental opportunities to choose the right path
  • Encourages a growth mindset through developing self-awareness
  • Employees and managers watch their trends grow, becoming further engaged and encouraged to take ownership of their development


Create reviews in minutes, enable a collaborative process, configure steps & questions to your needs.

Our highly flexible reviews approach supports agile practices and allows you to:

  • Deliver a personalized experience, with access to feedback, behaviors, and insights
  • Bring in matrix and global resources to add commentary to your reviews
  • Help managers easily navigate the process
  • Manage performance governance and corporate compliance reviews
  • Enable performance reviews that drive the right behaviors with personalized workflow, security, and tracking capability
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beqom Performance Pro

Your generative AI helper

beqom Performance Pro leverages the power of generative AI to support key CPM tasks, making them smarter, easier, and more efficient. Performance Pro guides users in creating more relevant and personalized goals based on contextual data using beqom’s Goals Genius. It also aids employees in providing valuable feedback and helps managers give more meaningful performance reviews by providing an automatic summary of unstructured employee performance content such as peer feedback and goal achievement.

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beqom STUDIO

Transform the performance experience

At beqom, we believe creating exceptional employee experiences shouldn't be guesswork. That's why we developed beqom Studio — a powerful tool that guides employees and managers through the entire performance experience, ensuring greater engagement, fairness, and higher performance. 

Empower employees to take control of their journey and see better results.
  • Access a personalized dashboard to gather insights
  • Agree and track development with their manager
  • Own and drive checks-ins with personalized agendas
  • Set and action their personal goals
  • Request from & give feedback to anyone in the organization 
Give managers data and guidance to help foster productive teams
  • Stay on top of all your team's actions and insights with the Team Dashboard
  • Create a continuous feedback culture using tips and nudges to guide you on next steps
  • Make informed performance decisions and overcome recency bias with additional context
beqom 360 Insights

The more data the better the performance

Unlock the full potential of your organization with beqom's real-time reporting and analysis. Our powerful platform provides an in-depth look at your organization and culture, giving you actionable, data-driven insights to drive success.


Bring internal and external feedback to performance conversations.


Run any time of the year with fully configurable insight surveys.


Build a clear picture of your organization's talent health index.


Measure the impact of leadership and individual growth.

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