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eguide-The-Data-Driven-Approach-to-SPM-thumbnailHow much time do you and your sales teams spend neck-deep in reports from your Sales Performance Management (SPM) system? Most likely it tells you whether or not you are reaching sales targets. But do your performance reports also tell your team what to do to meet goals—or beat them? Can you predict when top performers are at risk?

In the era of big data, next generation SPM systems can equip you to make decisions that will drive revenue and motivate sales teams like never before. Get the tips you need to implement an effective strategy and system with our eGuide: The Data-Driven Approach to Sales Performance Management: New techniques that will drive revenue in 2019.

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What's Inside the Data-Driven Sales Performance eGuide


Move beyond simple calculations to address key concerns of sales leadership: profitability, opportunity conversion, efficiency, retention, cost containment, revenue attainment, and alignment with corporate goals.


Identify sales funnel issues, optimize quotas, automate tasks, improve profitability, and give reps clear direction, while meeting HR goals for fairness, compliance, and retention.


Leverage data already in your environment and employ predictive analytics to produce new high-value SPM outputs.


Learn what to look for in a future-proof solution, so you'll be ready to increase scale without sacrificing performance or functionality.