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Unleash World Paris 2024

Tuesday, October 15, 2024Paris, France
A room full of people at the Unleash conference in front of a stage.

Where the HR World meets

16-17 October 2024|Paris | Find us at booth B520!

Unleash World is the main event in Europe for senior HR technology buyers, the industry’s top suppliers, startups demonstrating the next wave of tech evolution, visionary speakers, journalists, and analysts to connect and collaborate around the massive opportunities that HR tech offers.

Want to see how you could be managing compensation, pay equity, and performance more effectively? beqom unifies your compensation and performance strategies, so every individual understands their value, performs at their peak, and is rewarded fairly for their contributions.

Visit our booth to see our end-to-end total compensation and performance management platform in action.

Book an on-site demo now by filling out the form on this page to book a meeting with us at the event!

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