The Gender Pay Gap: What Your Employees Really Think

When It Comes to the Gender Pay Gap, Here’s What Your Employees Want

We surveyed 1,600 enterprise employees and found that while employees overwhelmingly care about pay equity and heavily support pay equity efforts, they are less positive about the actions taken by their own employers.

With significant focus from enterprise employers on closing gender pay gaps, what change has been seen and felt by employees in the last year or two? And how do opinions and perceptions compare between employees in a country that has implemented major national legislation, like the UK mandate on gender pay gap reporting, versus in a country where legislation has so far stalled, like the U.S.? 

beqom surveyed employees across the U.S. and UK to uncover:

  • Enterprise workers perception on employers' sincerity and efforts to improve the gender pay gap 
  • Overall perceptions about pay equity and how much pay equity issues matter to employees 
  • Where employees think the burden to close the gender pay gap lies
  • How pay gap transparency and equality efforts affect employee loyalty and retention

In this free 11-page report, we outline the findings of our survey, what they mean for employers, and which government and employer actions are valued most by employees.

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