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2022 Compensation and Culture Report

Rethinking Pay Strategies for a Changing Workplace

We surveyed 2,000 active employees in the US and the UK to get a sense of their experiences and perspectives on total compensation, work-life balance, transparency, and benefits, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives.

In this report, we uncover:

  • Why so many people have considered switching jobs in the past year
  • Trending and important employee benefits that you should be offering
  • Impacts of the recession, the pandemic, and generational divides
  • Solutions you can put in place now to attract, engage, and retain your people

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Sneak peek inside...

Do you think a win-win situation is possible when it comes to compensation?

Our 2022 Compensation Culture Report provides employers with data-driven insights into the latest trends in compensation and culture, drawing on survey responses from 2,000 working professionals across the US and UK. This comprehensive overview of the current state of compensation helps employers understand how to evolve their corporate culture and total rewards practices to keep up with employees' changing expectations.