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1 min to readSunday, October 16, 2022

beqom Enables Seamless Continuous Feedback through Integration with Microsoft Teams

Written by: Tanya Jansen

NYON, SWITZERLAND—beqom, a cloud-based provider of total compensation and continuous performance management solutions, today announced the release of Microsoft Teams integration for its Continuous Performance Management (CPM) solution. Building on the acquisition of Our Tandem, this means that employees can provide continuous crowd-sourced feedback and peer recognition while within the popular meeting and collaboration app, a further step in weaving continuous feedback into the fabric of the daily user experience.

As companies adopt tools to support collaboration and performance in increasingly decentralized or hybrid work environments, beqom provides a key component by enabling a culture of continuous deep feedback and coaching within an organization. 

“The ability to give and receive meaningful feedback in real time, when it matters most, can transform the effectiveness of an organization,” said Liz O’Hara, beqom Head of Product. “By allowing users to interact with the performance and feedback system while in the flow of work in MS Teams, where they live, you really achieve seamless integration of feedback into the daily lives of employees and deliver a truly inspiring user experience.”

The integration makes it easy for users to give feedback to their fellow employees, or make feedback notes for themselves for future reference, without leaving the MS Teams environment. This will allow, for example, the capture of quick feedback after a presentation or meeting, to give praise or inject new ideas. Managers can request feedback on their teams during the MS Teams session, while it is fresh in the mind. Notifications from the performance system will appear directly within Teams, eliminating the need to log into another platform.

beqom CPM gives leaders and employees access to regular feedback, coaching, goal setting, 360s, and performance check-ins, as well as unique cultural insights delivered in real time to measure employee experience at every touchpoint. When combined with beqom’s Continuous Total Rewards (CTR) platform, the solutions align personalized rewards with meaningful behaviors, goals, and skills, transforming how companies reward and recognize their people, attract the best talent, inspire top performance, and address pay equity and transparency.

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