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2 min to readWednesday, March 2, 2022

Total Rewards Meets Total Performance in New beqom Partnership

Written by: Tanya Jansen

NYON, SWITZERLAND—beqom, provider of a cloud-based Total Compensation Management solution has announced a partnership with Our Tandem, a Continuous Performance Management platform. Used together, the two solutions deliver a comprehensive approach for managing employee performance and rewards.

The next-generation performance management capabilities will complement beqom’s comprehensive compensation solution and provide a more integrated and holistic approach to performance and rewards, empowering employees to drive their own growth and performance and providing employers with the ability to tie pay to performance in a direct and precise way.

Our Tandem provides leaders and employees with the tools for feedback, coaching, goal setting, 360, and performance check-ins. beqom manages all aspects of compensation, such as salaries, bonuses, long-term incentives, and commissions, as well as ensures pay equity, security, and compliance. Both solutions integrate with all major HR systems where employee data is maintained.

In a time when companies are struggling to attract and retain talent, the combined offering provides a way to engage employees with a digital experience that inspires them with purpose, guides them to excel, and helps them understand their value to the company. The result is higher productivity, greater employee engagement, and a strong employer brand.

“Companies that make the link between employee performance and compensation are ahead of the game,” according to Tanya Jansen, beqom co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer. “It’s about creating a truly holistic employee experience that combines quantitative data and qualitative feedback. With both solutions, companies give their people a more comprehensive view into how continuous feedback, performance, and rewards work together.”

“Our Tandem’s dual-purpose performance management platform coaches managers and employees. Designed to empower employees to unlock their potential and performance, while supporting managers to accelerate their coaching capabilities, Our Tandem delivers a transformative performance management experience,” says Aisling Teillard, CEO of Our Tandem. “beqom’s total rewards platform gives them a clear picture of how they are being paid based on performance. Together, you get the best of both worlds so that you can give your people their best chance at success.”

One major global bank is already using the combined solutions. The bank uses beqom to manage total compensation including salary increases, management bonuses, executive long-term incentives, ad hoc awards, and promotion increases. Our Tandem’s performance management platform provides employees and managers with an open channel for feedback, check-ins, goals, coaching, and performance discussions so they understand their contribution and their value. The combined system helps the bank leverage performance data to drive compensation recommendations. The solutions integrate with the company’s SAP Human Capital Management system.

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