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2 min to readMonday, March 27, 2023

Ventana Research Names beqom as “Exemplary Vendor” in Total Compensation Value Index for 2023

Written by: Tanya Jansen

NEW YORK & NYON, Switzerland – beqom, a provider of cloud-based total compensation and continuous performance management solutions, today announced it has been rated as a Value Index Leader and an “Exemplary Vendor” in the Ventana Research Total Compensation Management (TCM) Value Index for 2023. 

“The categorization and placement of vendors in Exemplary (upper right) represent those that performed the best in meeting the overall Product and Customer Experience requirements,” says the report.

beqom ranked #1 in the Capabilities category. “The Capability criteria is designed to assess the products and features across a broad range of total compensation management capabilities that support enterprise, commerce, supplier, consumer, and business-to-business requirements,” per the report definition. “The support for management, manager, analyst, administrative and IT personas was also assessed.”

beqom was also a Value Index Leader in the Customer Experience and TCO/ROI categories. 

A Customer Experience leader, according to the report, “provided an impressive level of information to communicate their commitment and dedication to customer needs for total compensation management.” This category is important because, says the report, “The advancement of the Customer Experience and the entirety of the journey an organization has with its vendor is critical for ensuring inevitable satisfaction in working with a vendor.”  

The TCO/ROI category evaluates vendors on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and Return on Investment (ROI), by applying “evaluation criteria designed to assess how effective the vendor is in demonstrating the business case, including the product’s strategic value, total cost of ownership and total benefit of ownership.”

“Customers choose beqom to bring efficiency and control to their compensation processes, along with the flexibility to deliver highly effective rewards programs across a global enterprise,” says Tanya Jansen, beqom CMO. “With beqom, they can manage costs and reduce administrative burdens, but more importantly, they have the capabilities needed to use compensation strategically in a competitive talent market and to drive performance across their organization. That’s why they see a great return on their investment.”

beqom’s cloud solution is used across industries to manage compensation, including for global leaders like PepsiCo, DHL, BNP Paribas, Swisscom, and Total. The solution can manage all compensation and related performance processes, including salary review, bonus plans, long-term incentives, executive compensation, and sales commissions.

Ventana Research has designed the Total Compensation Management Value Index to provide a balanced perspective of vendors and products rooted in an understanding of business drivers and needs. This approach not only reduces cost and time but also minimizes the risk of making a decision that is bad for the business. Using the Value Index enables your organization to use TCM to achieve the levels of organizational efficiency and effectiveness needed for engaging digital experiences to meet your buyer, consumer, customer, and partner needs.

About beqom

beqom provides a unified total compensation and continuous performance management platform. With beqom, companies can simplify the compensation cycle and create a culture of feedback and coaching, while streamlining performance reviews, salary planning, bonus, incentives, and LTI allocation. 

Integrating performance and rewards into one solution improves employee engagement and productivity, and supports informed decision-making. beqom provides valuable insights to optimize compensation and make data-driven decisions, ultimately leading to higher employee retention rates and greater overall business success. With beqom, companies can take a holistic approach to compensation and performance management, streamlining processes and driving better results.

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