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The Pay Equity Playbook That Will Pay Off for Your Business

Sunday, December 3, 2023Video

When it comes to closing the pay gap, one move can make the most difference with your employees.

It’s no surprise that employees know and care—a lot—about pay equity. So what actions really matter to your workforce when it comes to not just pay fairness, but employee happiness and retention?

In this webcast, hosted by, we share our research on what your employees think about efforts to improve the gender pay gap, how much pay gap transparency and equality efforts really affect employee loyalty and retention, and which employer actions are valued most by workers.

What you will learn:

  • Enterprise workers perceptions on employers' sincerity and efforts to improve the gender pay gap 
  • Overall perceptions about pay equity and how much pay equity issues matter to employees 
  • Where employees think the burden to close the gender pay gap lies
  • How pay gap transparency and equality efforts affect employee loyalty and retention
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