Agile Sales Performance Management

Stay ahead of changing market conditions and get the most from your sales team with flexible, real-time data and analytics. beqom is the only adaptable Sales Performance Management cloud platform built for the enterprise.

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Sales Performance Management | Reea Sene | beqom|

Reea Séné, beqom Product Manager

The Role of Big Data in Sales Performance Management

Sales Performance Management | beqom

Built for Enterprise, with Adaptability in Mind

With the speed of change continually increasing, your sales team must be agile to succeed. beqom gives sales leaders the power to:

  • Model costs accurately
  • Continually evaluate quotas to fit changing markets
  • Quickly evaluate and prioritize sales behavior
  • Adapt compensation plans to reflect business outlook
  • Keep staff aligned with new strategies 

Our platform scales to your needs without any compromise. beqom’s “flexibility in a framework” approach supports your enhanced data model and is designed to be 100% in the hands of business owners without needing IT support.

beqom customers manage 11,500 payees on average with our larger clients managing more than 100,000 payees. 

End-to-End Sales Performance Management

To be easy and fast to change everything needs to be in one application, not a suite. beqom is an end-to-end sales performance management solution in one application.

beqom’s main product capabilities include:

Incentive Compensation Management | beqom

Incentive Compensation Management

Define, simulate and implement sales incentive plans, objectives, sales contests and non-cash awards. Leverage our flexible, business-user driven rules engine allowing for huge amounts of performance data and sales transactions to be converted into earnings and payments in no time.

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Territory Management | Compensation Management | beqom

Territory Management

Define, plan and simulate territory assignments and changes. Leverage beqom to move your territory management beyond geographical splits to across any other dimension. Leverage beqom’s built-in AI and ML capabilities to further optimize territory planning and assignments leveraging past performance data and attributes.

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Quota Management | Sales Performance Management |beqom

Quota Management

Use beqom to set top down and bottom up objectives and targets in an efficient and controlled way, automating time consuming tasks. Objectives, quota or targets can be defined using basic rules or advanced algorithms at any level.

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Sales Crediting | Sales Performance Management |beqom

Sales Crediting

High-volume crediting operating over multidimensional, multilevel territories and reflecting plan participant details including mobility and role changes, to ensure accurate sales transaction crediting.

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Modeling Simulation & Analysis | Sales Performance Management |beqom


Enable modeling, simulation, and analysis of incentive plan strategies and expected results for influencing selling behaviors. Plan designers, sales ops and sales reps can modify incentive plan variables and performance assumptions to evaluate the effectiveness of a new incentive plan or individual potential earnings.

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Channel Management | Sales Performance Management | beqom

Channel Management

Integrate channels, partners, & dealers directly into your SPM processes, enabling them to have a clear view of their incentive plans and performance drivers. Channel partners can access real-time incentive calculations with transparent and accurate payment details.

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Planning Budgeting & Forecasting | Sales Performance Management |beqom

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

Automate financial planning, budgeting & forecasting processes and collaborate to review, approve and allocate incentive costs. Provide finance with more accurate monthly accruals for all revenue streams.

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Analytics & Reporting | Sales Performance Management |beqom

Analytics and Reporting

Powerful, end user driven reporting & ad-hoc analysis in real-time against all sales models, incentive data, and plans. Analyze plan design, performance, benchmarks, payout, cost, distribution, fairness, effectiveness, and ROI across our analytics tools or integrating with your own.

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Customer Retention

In the hands of sales

beqom enables you to take control of your sales operations and make better strategic decisions. Trust that your sales performance management solution can scale to ensure your sales plans continue to align with your strategy.

  • Improved Performance

Improve sales rep performance by providing clear and transparent performance and earnings in real time

  • Increased Efficiency

Process centralization & automation leading to significant reductions in time and costs spent on administration while providing a clear picture of all compensation and performance elements

  • Increased Retention

Employees trust in their sales performance management processes by having a clear picture of their incentives and how their performance is linked to their compensation, and if it is fair

  • Compliance

Internal & external process compliance, transparency, and auditability (ASC 606, CRDIV, SEC)

Driving sales and happiness at some of the world’s largest enterprises

Success Stories

Leveraging beqom’s platform, a major telco company transitioned to an integrated sales performance solution, taking their sales commissioning from Excel & Access to a centralized platform designed to automate their multi-channel SPM strategy.

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