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Elevate your sales team’s performance

Stay ahead of changing market conditions and 
get the most from your sales team with dynamic incentives and real-time analytics.

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Driving sales and happiness at some of the world’s largest enterprises


reduction in compensation plan cycle times
overpayment error rate
spreadsheets replaced
reduction in reseller claims
beqom Sales Drivers

Flexible approach to all of your sales drivers 

beqom is an end-to end sales performance solution that gives you agility and the data to optimize your approach for the best outcome

Incentive Compensation Management

Define, simulate and implement sales incentive plans, objectives, sales contests and non-cash awards. Leverage our flexible, business-user driven rules engine allowing for huge amounts of performance data and sales transactions to be converted into earnings and payments in no time.



Territory Management

Define, plan, and simulate territory assignments and changes. Move your territory management beyond geographical splits to be defined by any other dimension. Using built-in AI and ML capabilities, further optimize territory planning and assignments leveraging past performance data and attributes.


Quota Management

Set top-down and bottom-up objectives and targets in an efficient and controlled way, automating time-consuming tasks. Objectives, quotas, or targets can be defined using basic rules or advanced algorithms with ML support at any level.



Sales Crediting

Run high-volume crediting over multidimensional, multilevel territories, reflecting plan participant details including mobility and role changes, to ensure accurate sales transaction crediting.


Planning Budgeting & Forecasting

Design attractive, competitive, and fair packages that help to attract, motivate and retain top talent. Provide accurate forecasts and accruals to finance.



Channel Management

Integrate channels, partners, and dealers directly into your SPM processes, enabling them to have a clear view of their incentive plans and performance drivers. Channel partners can access real-time incentive calculations with transparent and accurate payment details.



Model, simulate, and analyze incentive plan strategies and expected results for influencing selling behaviors. Modify incentive plan variables and performance assumptions to evaluate the effectiveness of a new incentive plan or individual potential earnings


ML for SPM

Machine Learning for SPM

beqom embedded Machine Learning engine helps you run any prediction scenario and gain valuable insights to improve sales incentive decisions. With beqom ML engine you can solve your specific business challenges such as evaluate territory potential, provide recommendations on territory assignment and quotas settings, identify outliers or make salesforce turnover prediction. You can also improve decision support by preventing bias and unfair pay.


Analytics and Reporting

Generate powerful, end user driven reporting and ad-hoc analysis in real-time against all sales models, incentive data, and plans. Analyze plan design, performance, benchmarks, payout, cost, distribution, fairness, effectiveness, and ROI using our analytics tools or integrating with your own.


Take control of your sales operations


Improved Sales Performance

Clear and transparent performance data and earnings in real-time improves sales rep performance


Increased Efficiency

Centralized, automated processes significantly reduce administration costs and time while providing a clear picture of compensation and performance


Increased Retention

Employees trust in their sales compensation process by having a clear picture of their performance and incentives, showing how their performance is linked to compensation and if it's fair



Internal and external process compliance, transparency, and auditability (ASC 606, CRDIV, SEC) reduce risk and give peace of mind to stakeholders

“We were looking for a sales performance solution that could help us create an agile salesforce, adapt to change, and deliver excellent customer care, while also effectively cross-selling.”
Jari Collan, Director of Compensation and Benefits, LocalTapiola Group localtapiola

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