Best-in-Class Compensation Management for Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers now can have best practices automated compensation management with beqom rapide365. Total integration, total flexibility, total compensation functionality.

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Jérome Turin, beqom Head of Product Marketing and Innovation
Jérome Turin, beqom Head of Product Marketing and Innovation

Bring Best Practices to Your Compensation Management


Global Expertise

We've been working with hundreds of world-leading organizations for more than a decade to manage complex global compensation strategies, and we've combined their best practices into ready-to- -use compensation process models that can work for any size or type of organization.

Strategic Flexibility

Today’s total rewards are anything but one-size-fits-all. Your strategies must now consider remote work, pay equity, compliance, personalized rewards, continual rewards cycles, and more. No matter the size of your company, beqom scales to fit.

Easy D365 Integration

With beqom’s certified connector for Dynamics 365, operating in the Azure cloud, you can integrate your compensation management with any Dynamics 365 application, from CRM to HR, for smooth processes in a consistent IT environment.

Don’t Compromise on Compensation Strategy

beqom is trusted by leading companies around the globe who demand the most from their Comp & Ben strategy. beqom rapide365 brings that world class compensation management to Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers, delivering unprecedented control, consistency, accuracy, visibility, compliance, and efficiency. Relying on spreadsheets or your core HR suite for compensation can put your strategy at risk. Get the best from your Dynamics 365 investment.

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Fast-Track Total Compensation Automation

beqom rapide365 can address all aspects of total compensation in one integrated solution, including:

  • Salary Review
  • Short-Term Incentives/Bonus
  • Long-Term Incentives
  • Pay Equity Analysis
  • Total Rewards Statements
  • Sales Incentive Compensation
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The Challenges You Can Address with beqom rapide365

With rapide365, you get a quick path to compensation success with a solution that is better for your business, better for your employees, and better for Finance, HR, Sales, IT, and Compliance.


See immediate benefits for:

  • HR

    Your employees will understand their total rewards, as well as how and why they are calculated. This is a major driver of trust, engagement, and talent retention, and helps them focus on the right priorities.

  • Sales

    Sales reps will have visibility into their targets and potential earnings so they can align their behavior with company strategy. And they will receive timely, accurate, and transparent incentive payments.

  • Finance

    Your team will have much better control over how money is being spent, cost accruals, and the balance between performance and reward distribution.

  • IT

    rapide365 uses a Microsoft certified connector for Dynamics 365 HR and operates the Azure cloud, so IT has a simplified integration process and can ensure a secure and compliant environment.

  • Compliance

    Your compensation system will be able to meet all security, data protection, auditability, and traceability compliance standards.

  • Operational excellence

    Managers and administrators will save significant time, avoid errors, and make fast and informed decisions thanks to a comprehensive set of data analytics and automated workflows.

Tangible Results for Leading Organizations

With our proven compensation processes and models built into a user-friendly cloud-based platform, we've been able to deliver these results to our customers:


reduction in spreadsheets used for compensation tracking and management




faster salary review process, saving 1000s of hours of employee effort 


elimination of IT and travel costs for IT support, infrastructure, consulting, and comp reviews


drop in need for HR support by enabling employee and manager self-service

beqom rapide365 for MS Dynamics 365 Partners

Does your company provide services that help Dynamics 365 customers in their HR transformations? Talk to our alliances team to learn how to become a beqom partner and deliver unprecedented success to your clients in Total Compensation Management.

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