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Recognize and 
reward your 
employees in 

Make your employees feel valued for their 
achievements in the moments that matter

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A unified, global recognition platform to engage your workforce

Elevate your compensation and performance strategy to embed a continuous recognition approach

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One global recognition solution everyone can use to drive engagement

Manage all of your worldwide recognition campaigns on one platform with one global currency so employees get bigger rewards faster for higher impact on their motivation.

Recognize employees for:
  • All your recognition programs regardless of country
  • Events like work anniversaries or promotions
  • Performance milestones such as goals achieved
  • Special incentives like leads or referrals 
  • Task completion such as onboarding or surveys
  • ...or any other event or criteria you can flexibly define

Spot problem areas and ensure workplace equity

Create more equitable compensation structures by analyzing gender and ethnicity breakdowns, especially regarding performance distribution and potential pay equity problem areas, taking into account total compensation (salary, bonus, total cash, LTI, …). A deep dive analysis across all employee demographics can pinpoint pay gaps tied to additional factors such as age, experience, performance, etc., including intersectionality, to identify justified vs. unjustified gaps.

Align recognition to personal achievements in real-time

Build a culture of incentivized engagement:

  • Reward day to day achievements to enhance compensation impact
  • Personalize for different populations to ensure meaningful rewards
  • Tie incentives to manager or peer feedback to build a culture of improvement
  • Reward task completion with rules-based rewards tied to tasks
  • Deliver attractive and memorable rewards for higher employee motivation.
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Give employees great reward choices

Give ultimate flexibility to redeem rewards from any global workplace, for:

  • Comprehensive catalog of products including extensive choice from  major brands
  • Airline miles & hotel points
  • Charitable contributions
  • Spend rewards at over a 100m credit card-accepting merchants worldwide

Create budgets to find the optimum  remediation strategy

Design top-down and bottom-up budget simulations to help your organization create an effective plan to close compensation gaps. Compare different budget scenarios based on individual recommendations to know where to focus remediation efforts and close the gaps with best cost efficiency.


Easily manage your recognition budget

Fund and track your global recognition campaigns from one central place:

  • Define your recognition strategy by type of events
  • Allocate rewards to managers/employees based on a defined budget pool
  • Track rewards in real-time in Employee Passport
  • Control budget spent at any level of the organization.
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Simplify recognition plan administration globally for greater efficiency and control

A central rewards portal makes it easy for both administrators and employees:

  • One common rewards currency ("stars") across all recognition programs
  • One centralized and global platform to buy and spend stars
  • Pay-as-you-go – there’s zero setup or running cost to buy and redeem starts
  • Track all employee stars via a dashboard
  • Support audit and compliance

Get the reports you need for decision support and compliance

Leverage all pay equity analysis directly in your compensation and performance review processes to enable intelligent decisions. Comply with any local pay equity and transparency regulations and reporting requirements.

Want to see it in action?

Tell us about your recognition challenges and let beqom’s total compensation and performance advisors explore with you whether a unified global recognition platform can help to engage and inspire your workforce.

See more

  • Design pay equity plans at any level: country, peer group …
  • Identify main pay drivers
  • Track budget as it’s allocated

Easily manage

  • Define peer groups for cohort analysis and identify and exclude outliers
  • Supervise an equitable continuous performance process 
  • Produce pay adjustment recommendations and support line managers or local HR to close unexpected pay gap

Predict & run

  • Run multivariate regression models to get adjusted pay gap
  • Run pay equity budget simulations to evaluate cost-to-close pay gap
  • Integrate pay equity into recruiting, promotion, ad ’hoc salary review

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