Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting

Sales Performance Management

Integrate your sales plans with your company's financial objectives. Use top-down or bottom-up processes with collaboration to review, approve and allocate costs.

SPM-Planning budgeting and forecasting

Using beqom to create and model plans and forecasts to help your organization yield better results in attainment and revenue. beqom’s planning, budgeting and forecasting capabilities are focused on driving territory planning and accurate quota and objective setting for your sales ops and leaders. With beqom you can assess the impact of your plans and forecast more accurately—eliminating any speculations before going live.

Once your territories are defined and your plan year has started, you can incorporate results-to-date, along with forecasted sales opportunities based on past performance from your CRM feed to inform your incentive forecast and update your accruals accordingly. No more blind guesses or surprises at the end of each performance period, but better visibility into real results assures your forecasting models stay updated and accurate as your business grows more complex.

Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting

beqom’s planning processes can be any combination of top-down or bottom-up through multiple hierarchical levels and across multiple dimensions like people, products, product families, segments, accounts and more. beqom's total compensation management software enables you to collect individual quotas and budgets from sales management and sales people, and collaboratively align them through the planning process—keeping track of plan versions for comparisons and simulations. This collaboration of leadership and line of business owners allows you to set budgets for either quotas or territories within relevant dimensions.

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Using beqom for planning, budgeting, and forecasting helps you:

  • Take advantage of AI-driven forecasting capabilities based on historical data.
  • Use multiple built in regression models for performance and incentive data.
  • Provide integrated communications and alerts for potential forecasts and sales plans.
  • Keep full audit trails for all data changes and adjustments, planning processes and comments.
  • Enable integration and consistency with finance.

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