Sales Crediting

Sales Performance Management

Ensure accurate sales transactions with high-volume, high-performing crediting operating over multidimensional, multilevel territories.

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Allocating sales transactions to eligible payees is crucial for a transparent and correct sales commissioning process. We provide you with the adaptability and functionality to credit the right transactions to the right market segments, territories—and ultimately payees. Our platform takes into account the complexity of your sales territories and integrates the results with the details of your payees, taking into account team mobility and role changes that can take place during the commission period.

Sales Crediting

As your organization grows and evolves, so does your sales team. beqom’s sales crediting capabilities helps you deal with the challenges of significantly increasing crediting rules and processes. By testing your territory scenarios against historical data, then managing all your complex crediting rules that result, our platform enables you to adapt efficiently to a growing number of sales reps and account assignments.

By linking sales crediting and territory management with your sales strategy, beqom offers improved visibility into your crediting processes—leading to fewer reporting errors.

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Using beqom for sales crediting helps you:

  • Set up and manage the complex processes of territory management and crediting.
  • Maintain a transparent link between sales transactions and eligible payees.
  • Oversee an unlimited number of territory dimensions .
  • Easily aggregate sales transactions to the levels at which targets are set.
  • Manage the granularity of controls, where crediting occurs, to reduce processing time, isolate credit impacts, and support compliance.

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“Using beqom, Orange has reduced reseller partner claims by 90% significantly improving, relations between Orange and its reseller network.”

Eric Jacquinet, Head of Compensation & Benefits for Orange Partner Network