Use beqom's total compensation software to provide your employees with clear direction and understanding of what's expected of them, how that fits with the bigger picture, how they will be rewarded for accomplishing their share and how that's fair compared to internal and external benchmarks
Improved performance is the result of a happier, more motivated and aligned workforce. With beqom's total compensation software you provide the level of understanding needed to make your people happy!
Leverage beqom's total compensation management solution to communicate to your employees what's expected of them within the perspective of the company direction, how they will be rewarded and recognized for accomplishing their share and where they fit in that bigger picture.
Retain your employees by using beqom's total compensation platform to clearly communicate to your employees the total value they are bringing to the organization.
Cost reduction
Decreased employee turnover costs, more accurate compensation calculations and less time spent implementing and managing compensation processes are part of the positive financial impact of beqom's total compensation platform deployment.

Happiness is the best driver for success. Use beqom's total compensation and employee performance management solution to drive happiness by allowing you and your managers to lead, align and motivate your people.

Bonus management
Total Compensation

Use beqom's total compensation management software solution to manage and communicate all aspects of performance, benefits, compensation, rewards and recognition for your employees.

Deferred compensation
Sales Performance

Manage the sales performance of your employees and partners. Work together through a collaborative goal setting process providing your salesforce a clear and transparent view of what is expected of them, how their performance is linked to their compensation, rewards and recognition, and where that fits within their total compensation and benefits package.

HR Compensation

Globally manage your organizations HR compensation processes including salary review, bonus, deferred bonus, LTI and stock management. Establish a global compensation framework with local flexibility to ensure your employees are being paid fairly and inline with corporate and local guidelines and budgets.

Salary Review
Recognition and Rewards

Money doesn't necessarily bring happiness, happiness comes from understanding what's expected of you, how you are compensated and rewarded for your accomplishments and where that fits within the overall organization's strategy. Communicate the full value your employees are bringing to the table by using beqom's total compensation software to manage employee rewards and recognition.